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     Nick and James have been cross country and track runners their whole life. Back in 2015, 2 years before they would eventually meet, Nick experienced a running injury and decided to start training with calisthenics. At this time he decided to start an Instagram page to track his progress and decided to call it “Hammer_calisthenics''. The word Hammer comes from his last name “Martello” from Italian to English. Nick posted on his instagram and trained with calisthenics for a while before eventually going back to running.
     Fast forward to late 2019, which was around two years after Nick and James met running cross country and track for the same college. They were both dealing with running injuries and constantly sitting out of races and practices. Together they decided to set some new goals and wanted to share their progress along the way on Instagram. They wanted to come up with a more well rounded name for their page that encompassed many different methods of training. Together they came up with the name “Hammer Fitness Training”.
     Over the past 3 years they have both been super consistent with their training and dieting and continue to post on Instagram.They are now inspiring so many people from around the world to do exactly what they have done/are continuing to do. Which is transitioning their bodies into their dream physiques through exercise while improving their mental fortitude along the way. “At Hammer Fitness Training, our goal is to help people take their dream physiques and make them a reality. We specialize in muscle building, fat loss, strength training, cardiovascular endurance and boxing.”


Nick and James know what it feels like to be outcasted and have found a purpose in helping people make the same changes to their life/physique that they have.



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